2024 Collection


For more than 35 years, Alfred Sung has created clean, classic, elegant, timeless fashions.

These aesthetics have become rooted throughout the brand’s DNA and are the key ingredients of every product carrying his name.

Every watch in the Alfred Sung Watch collection is exquisitely styled, creating a beautiful, clean contemporary look that can be worn anytime, anyplace.


collaboration with Alfred Sung Watches aimed to showcase the brand's timeless elegance through a blend of lifestyle and e-commerce photography, alongside comprehensive catalog design.

Capturing the essence of clean, classic designs, our goal was to resonate with Alfred Sung's legacy while infusing a modern aesthetic.



During the conceptualization and planning stages of our collaboration with Alfred Sung Watches, our focus was on seamlessly blending the brand's timeless elegance with contemporary aesthetics. With over 35 years of crafting clean, classic designs, Alfred Sung's legacy became our guiding light. We meticulously curated a strategy to capture this essence through lifestyle and e-commerce photography, coupled with meticulously designed catalogs. Our goal was to resonate with Sung's enduring aesthetic while infusing a touch of modernity, ensuring that each timepiece embodies the brand's signature sophistication for today's discerning consumers.


During the photoshoots, I paid attention to every detail, focusing on the appearance of the models and the lighting. Our goal was to ensure that the pictures conveyed the message that our watches are versatile and suitable for any occasion, while still maintaining a stylish appearance.


The catalog beautifully showcased the breadth and depth of Alfred Sung's watch collection. Each page seamlessly blended imagery and text to craft a cohesive narrative, inviting customers to delve into the world of Alfred Sung Watches. The watches were organized by category cleanly and concisely, complete with style numbers, prices, and detailed information, facilitating easy navigation. Additionally, the lifestyle images complemented the visual aesthetic, enhancing the appeal of the catalog.


Our social media strategy is designed to captivate audiences with visually compelling imagery while fostering community and connection. We craft engaging content for various social media platforms, ranging from Instagram-worthy flat lays to captivating lifestyle shots. Our goal is to captivate our audience with sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and highlights from our 2024 collection.